Trophies are a way for you to track your personal achievements in game. You can also see your friend’s trophies when visiting their island.

Trophies List


Trophy Image Difficulty Objective
Crate Collector Trophy crate collecr Easy Open 10 crates
Dustbunny Trophy dustbunny Easy Collect 5 Stardust
Easy Peasy Trophy easy peasy Easy Solve all Easy difficulty trophies
Expert Skills Trophy expert skills Easy Have a tribe member reach level 10 in any skill
Good Host Trophy good host Easy Have your island visited 100 times by friends
Growing Tribe Trophy growing tribe Easy Increase your tribe's population to 10
Mystery Magnate Trophy mystery magnate Easy Solve 2 mysterious objects
Pooper Scooper Trophy pooper scooper Easy Collect 20 bird guano
Socialite Trophy socialite Easy Visit friends a total of 20 times
Note: It does not need to be 20 different friends. Visiting the same friend 20 times will work just as well.
Centenarian Trophy centenarian Medium Keep a tribesperson alive until they are 100 years old
Note: This is based on their real age. The age they 'feel' does not matter.
Chest Wrestler Trophy chest wrestler Medium Complete 5 collections
Dedication Trophy dedication Medium Play My Tribe 10 days in a row
Dressed to the Nines Trophy dressed to the 9s Medium Dress a tribesperson with a rare top and a rare bottom
Note: The clothes must be exactly rare. Scarce, legendary or unique clothing will not work for this trophy.
Dyed in the cloth Trophy dyed in cloth Medium Craft 100 dyes in total
Note: These do not have to be different dyes.
Eldest Elder Trophy eldest elder Medium Produce a level 7 tribe elder
Exterior Decorator Trophy exterior decorator Medium Place 50 decorations on one island
Feather in Cap Trophy feather in cap Medium Collect 20 stork feathers in a single play session
Note: You need to have at least 19 neighbors and visit them in a row.
Green Thumb Trophy green thumb Medium Harvest 1000 farms
Guru Skills

Trophy guru skills

Medium Have a tribe member reach level 30 in any skill
Note: Having more than 20 in a skill is useless so it is best to use gems to win this trophy.
Jewelry Trophy jewelry Medium Have a tribesperson wear four gems at once (top, bottom, hat, shoes)
Masterful Skills Trophy masterful skills Medium Have a tribe member reach level 20 in any skill
Medium Mogul Trophy medium mogul Medium Solve all Medium difficulty trophies
Mystery Mastermind Trophy master of mystery Medium Solve 4 mysterious objects
Poop Disturber Trophy poop disturber Medium Click on 100 sea gulls (the white birds floating on the ocean)
Powerful Tribe Trophy powerful tribe Medium Increase your tribe's population to 20
Proud Parent Trophy proud parent Medium Have one of your tribeswomen give birth to 5 or more children
Top of the Line Trophy top of the line Medium Have fully upgraded Wood, Rock, and Food storehouses, and a fully upgraded science station, all at the same time
Traveler Trophy traveler Medium Build an ark and sail to a new island
Collector's Items Trophy collectors items Hard Collect 30 rare items from crates
Devotion Trophy devotion Hard Play My Tribe 30 days in a row
Fashionista Trophy fashionista Hard Dress a tribesperson with four "Unique" (Exclusive) rarity clothing items at the same time (top, bottom, hat, and shoes)
Geologist Trophy geologist Hard Find 100 golden relics
Green Machine Trophy green machine Hard Have a balance of 1,000 Recycle Points
Hard Worker Trophy hard worker Hard Solve all Hard difficulty trophies
Massive Tribe Trophy massive tribe Hard Have a population of 100 across 4 or more islands
Master of Mystery Trophy mystery mastermind Hard Solve 8 mysterious objects

Trophy mineralogist

Hard Craft 50 gems with Gemcutting
Moonstruck Trophy moonstruck Hard Collect 200 moondust
No Farm Harm

Trophy no farm harm

Hard Harvest 100 farms in a row, with no wilted crops
Plant Pal Trophy plant pal Hard Fertilize 1000 fields
Shell Shocked Trophy shell shocked Hard Collect 10,000 shells
Silver Surf Trophy silver surf-1 Hard Open 100 Silver Sea Containers (Crates or Barrels)
Tremendous Tribe Trophy tremendous tribe Hard Increase your tribe's population to 30
Unparalleled Skills Trophy unparalleled skills Hard Have a tribe member reach level 50 in any skill
Note: having more than 20 is a skill is useless so it is best to use gems to win this trophy.
Very Berry Trophy very berry Hard Harvest 500 berries
Beachcomber Trophy beachcomber Harder Collect 20,000 shells and 5,000 Stork Feathers on friends' islands
Centipede Trophy centipede Harder Reach Level 100
Craftastic Trophy craftastic Harder Craft 1000 different items (dyes, gems, clothes, or decorations)
Note: These do not actually have to be different items. Crafting many of the same item will also increase the counter.
Curator Trophy curator Harder Complete all of the collections
Double Down Trophy double down Harder Reach Level 200
Dressed to the Tens Trophy dressed to the tens Harder Dress a tribesperson with a legendary top and a legendary bottom
Note: The clothes must be exactly legendary. Exclusive clothing will not work for this trophy
The clothes can be crafted from very hard-to-find recipes found in crates or barrels or purchased from the Pearl Shop.
Environmentalist Trophy environmentalist Harder Recyle 10,000 items and have a Level 7 Recycling Depot
Harder Worker Trophy harder worker Harder Solve all Harder difficulty trophies
Johnny Appleseed Trophy johnny appleseed-1 Harder Plant 1000 trees
Note: You do not have to tend to the saplings or wait for them to grow, simply plant them.
Loyalty Trophy loyalty Harder Reach day 100 in the Daily Tribal Bonus
Mega Skills

Trophy mega skills

Harder Have a tribesperson reach level 100 in any skill

Trophy methuselah

Harder Keep a tribesperson alive until they are 969 years old
Note: This is based on their real age. The age they 'feel' does not matter.
Ms. Mystery Trophy ms mystery Harder Solve 14 Mysterious Objects
Mycologist Trophy mycologist Harder Collect 1000 mushrooms
Nobel Prize Trophy nobel prize Harder Research 25 different technologies
Power Player Trophy powerplayer Harder Reach player level 50
Sprawling Tribe Trophy sprawling tribe Harder Have 10 islands
Superhero Trophy superhero Harder Have one tribe member reach 100 in both Physical Strength and Mental Strength
Twin Wonders Trophy twin wonders Harder Complete two different Wonders
World Traveler Trophy worldtraveler Harder Have your tribe sail to 20 different islands
Chosen One Trophy chosen one Hardest Have a baby born with 100 in both Physical and Mental Strength
Hero's Hero

Trophy heros hero

Hardest Have a tribesperson reach level 100 in all skills and 100 in both Physical and Mental Strength
Level Lord Trophy level lord Hardest Reach level 500
Metropolis Trophy metropolis Hardest Have a population of 1000 across many islands
Miracle Worker Trophy miracle worker Hardest Solve all Hardest difficulty trophies
Science Saturation Trophy science saturation Hardest Possess one-hundred million science points
Superpower Tribe Trophy superpower tribe Hardest Have a tribe of 30 in which everyone has 100 in both Physical and Mental Strength
Truly Outrageous Trophy truly outrageous Hardest Craft a CosmicStone gem
Wonderland Trophy wonderland Hardest Complete six different Wonders