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Raw Resource


  • Gives 20 food when dropped on the kitchen
  • Gives 20 food when dropped on the food storehouse
  • Gives 20 wood when dropped on the wood storehouse
  • Gives 20 rock when dropped on the stone storehouse
  • Advances agricultural level on crops (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Dying, Wilted)
  • Instantly grows your sapling into a tree
  • Restores maximum stats of a tree when dropped on to it
  • Restores maximum stats of a rock when dropped on to it
  • Reduces small amount of time on total construction time when dropped on building being constructed
  • Dropping it on a Tribe member reduces the time needed to reach the next level by 1 hour.
  • Gives a fair amount of science points when dropped on the science station (depends on the level of tech)

Picking up fallen Stardust allows you to gain XP. Stardust can be used on many things on your island, including tribespeople, construction projects, and mysterious objects. It is also a common ingredient for crafting.

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