The most important part of My Tribe is selecting your Island.

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How to Choose Your IslandEdit

At the start of a new profile, a random island is provided by default. You can view other islands by either clicking the Previous and Next arrows or by selecting Advanced Options, entering a number, then hitting View.

Once you have chosen an island, click the Choose this Island! button to get started. With 14 mysteries in the game, there are 588 possible combinations, before accounting for island layouts.

Things to RememberEdit


  • The island layout - Do you want a larger (easier) island, or a smaller/multiple islet island (harder)?
  • The mysterious objects - Each island only has 3 mysteries to solve (either 2 on the sands with 1 on the grass, or 2 on the grass with 1 on the sands). Choose wisely.
  • The amount of resources available - Check the quantity of rocks and trees. Are they adequate for your goals? (Keep in mind that you can plant more trees & make more rocks with Startdust, Sea water & rocks.)

There is one important thing to note about the mysterious objects. There are 14 different mysteries in all, but only 3 per island. Your tribe will have to move to other islands to solve them all. Seven of the mysteries appear on the sandy areas of an island: Ancient Stone, Celestial Moonstone, Celestial Starstone, Flotsam's Call, Iron Oxide Monolith, Jewel Vault, and the Crystal Pillar/Polymorph Obelisk. The other seven appear on the grassy areas of an island: Children's Moai, Cloning Chamber, Cornucopia Bush, Ever Tree, Fountain of Youth, the Withered Tree/Friendship's Blossom, Wooden Family Statue.

Each island will have at least one sand mystery and one grass mystery, but the third can be either. So you can't find an island with, for example, Children's Moai, Cornucopia Bush AND Fountain of Youth, as all three of these are grass mysteries and there must be at least one sand mystery per island. The reverse is true also. You cannot find three sand mysteries on an island. There must be two of one type and one of the other type. In other words, the islands are setup to have either Two Grass & One Sand Mysteries or Two Sand & One Grass Mysteries.

New IslandEdit

How to get there:

  1. Click on your Ark
  2. Accept the options to sail. You cannot undo this. However, you can refresh your browser (F5) to cancel the operation.
  3. Choose whether to move the entire tribe or split off five people to a new colony. See Multiple Islands for details on splitting.
  4. Scroll through the process of choosing your new island (like you did when you first started playing).
  5. Once you have chosen your island, you are basically back where you started.

What is there?

  • You have a new island with a kitchen, trees, rocks and 3 mysteries you have chosen. (You still retain any benefits from mysteries you have solved, and if you have partially solved a mystery on a previous island, you can continue from where you left off when you move to a new island with the same mystery.)
  • All buildings and farms are left behind. You have to rebuild them from scratch on the new island.
  • If you moved your entire tribe, all of your previous resources will still be available (food, wood, rock, supplies, science points).
  • If only 5 people are taken, the new islanders will have access to all the previous seeds and recipes but no other resources (food, rock, wood, gems, stork feathers, shells etc.) and will need to start collecting from scratch. You switch between islands using the ship icon at lower right corner. (See Multiple Islands.) The original island retains the shipyard and can start building another ark if sufficient resources are available.
  • To scroll between new islands faster, turn OFF High Quality Graphics. Click the SETTINGS icon, bottom right corner of game screen and uncheck High Quality.

Island NumbersEdit

There are many, many islands to choose from. If you're looking for something specific, here are some island numbers you can try. Feel free to add yours and your friends' island numbers, too! This table, sortable by mysteries, will enable you to find your desired mystery combination quickly. Click the expand button on the top right of the chart to view the whole chart.

Mysteries' Abbreviated NameEdit

Abbreviation Full Name Icon Abbreviation Full Name Icon
Moai Children's Moai Image 4272 Jewel Jewel Vault Image 178
FOY Fountain of Youth Image 4255 Crate Flotsam's Call Image 175
Stump Ever Tree Image 4259 Stone Ancient Stone Image 4270
Bush Cornucopia Bush Oxide Iron Oxide Monolith Image 4262
Friend Friendship's Tree Friendship Moon Celestial Moonstone Image 4264
Clone Cloning chamber Cloning Star Celestial Starstone Image 4278
Family Family Statue Family Obelisk Polymorphic Obelisk Polymorph

How to use the tableEdit

  1. Choose a mystery & click the corresponding grey Sorticon icon two times.
  2. Repeat with 2 more mysteries: limit of 2 per section - 2 green grass or 2 yellow sand.
  3. PRESTO, all islands with those 3 mysteries will be at the top! :)
  4. If you mess up or want to try another combination, the easiest thing to do is refresh your browser page and do steps 1 and 2 again. (Alternatively, you can click until each icon selected is in descending order...make sure the black arrow points down before selecting the next mystery.)

To add island numbers, feel free to use any empty lines. Adding information at the top enable you to make sure you're x-ing the right column (please use small x's instead of capital ones, so they alphabetize correctly). To add more rows; after you're in the Edit window, right-click on the table with your mouse, then choose "Row", then either "Insert Row Before" or "Insert Row After".

To see the whole table: Click the "expand" icon at the top right of the table.

The Big Island Numbers TableEdit

Just a reminder: the element, found on a island, is randomly chosen for each player. So, if the comment for an island says, for instance, "platinum", you may or (more probably) may not get platinum on this island, when you sail to it.

Island ID Moai FOY Stump Bush Friend Clone Family Jewel Crate Stone Oxide Moon Star Obelisk Comments
1105108474 x x x


x x x Phosphorous
1780635554 x x x Copper
1654872194 x x x
1738048270 x x x
3967437522 x x x
3606608237 x x x Phosphorous
955155166 x x x Silver
213660068 x x x Copper
2827675458 x x x
751084842 x x x
2403970325 x x x
2645799547 x x x Phosphorous
1614729719 x x x
201726675 x x x
3290361 x x x
3598195819 x x x
1341397873 x x x
1267752586 x x x
3123675 x x x
2452375044 x x x
686765589 x x x
762714838 x x x
2512237554 x x x
262034872 x x x
276787259 x x x
3333246384 x x x
2321473056 x x x
1244711360 x x x
2179151626 x x x
10224993100 x x x
1716053132 x x x
3423284165 x x x
83 x x x
528980963 x x x
1995523201 x x x
830699074 x x x
4041154698 x x x
3950696145 x x x
769528347 x x x
48 x x x
684671500 x x x
941820384 x x x
1533296006 x x x
3057137108 x x x
2333756669 x x x
23408780 x x x
124529010 x x x
3457277136 x x x
578009497 x x x
1030125004 x x x
81938948 x x x
1452102269 x x x
16669023228 x x x
1138138294 x x x
2379331977 x x x
3995379664 x x x
578448237 x x x
545471597 x x x
1787753494 x x x
4194913977 x x x
1058669039 x x x
2982164044 x x x
123366668 x x x
1776212520 x x x
4240693573 x x x
2729916827 x x x
1610456727 x x x
2092123085 x x x
4198517217 x x x
1294772091 x x x
369130248 x x x Lead
2373176389 x x x
2137414889 x x x
3792016989 x x x
2008916014 x x x
1787063104 x x x
2580815028 x x x
1689661922 x x x
3872832172 x x x
3563504912 x x x
2149690962 x x x
1135670775 x x x
4086014065 x x x
2185239761 x x x
234766091 x x x Phosphorous
1413476209 x x x
1539504388 x x x
3363796097 x x x
112267075 x x
3554488982 x x x
2745875608 x x x
3869224039 x x x
1211874423 x x x
808500755 x x x
4254685007 x x x
2338969418 x x x
610266240 x x x
1297114361 x x x
56278697 x x x
1370267226 x x x
218333097 x x x
894097122 x x x
79254616 x x x
1765440513 x x x
3317691238 x x x
598041174 x
51 x x x
2281307294 x x x
690917209 x x x
82351766 x x x
3466055356 x x x
162579634 x x x
1321214306 x x x
3969050917 x x x
1456586805 x x x A lot of place for farms
53409716 x x
791749121 x x x
109 x x x
3680980560 x x x
2499004306 x x x
1326516038 x x x
3330214809 x x x
7537840 x x x
878157454 x x x
4041154698 x x x
1459322209 x x x plenty of room for crops
2814430039 x
2203411486 x x x
1706069306 x x
50 x x x
49 x x x
48 x x x
47 x x x
46 x x x
45 x x x
44 x x
43 x x x
42 x x x
41 x x x
40 x x x
39 x x x
38 x x x Vaguely Australia-shaped
36 x x x
35 x x x Moon mystery is on separate sandy island
31 x x x
32 x x x
3647239983 x x x
33 x x x
30 x
28 x x
4156947927 x x
26 x x
25 x x x
24 x x x
23 x x x
22 x x
21 x x Star mystery is on a separate sandy island
20 x x x
18 x x x
17 x x x
16 x x x
15 x x
12 x x x
8 x x x


9 x x x
10 x x
380786921 x x x
1533296006 x x x
1452028876 x x
5 x x x
6 x x x
7 x x
3283566816 x x x
3733252859 x x x
2123557786 x x x Fairly large
3158121620 x x x Good size, lots of rock
2574937884 x x x
3927556506 x x x
2521568777 x x x
848443101 x x x
191456796 x x x
2373700251 x x x
1251478391 x x x Copper, Large
3596796079 x x x
3406401657 x x x
1402179721 x x x
2725587467 x x x
3107461427 x x x
3599605031 x x x
1818175373 x x x
3410284582 x x x
904538114 x x x
3291229143 x x x small
990401603 x x x
1179591583 x x x
986829211 x x x
347749835 x x x
421695386 x x x Large
3512930035 x x x Large
2475935093 x x x Fairly large
1045905865 x x x
1113765003 x x x
2402389228 x x x Fairly large
4 x x x
1392811237 x x x
2856207196 x x x Platinum, large vertical, lots of guano
1073581781 x x x
4053528602 x x x
726977991 x x
3413001869 x x x
2555017246 x x x
793612338 x x x
354272897 x x
2303606941 x x x
2985337863 x x
403993200 x x x
2813259006 x x x
2727645449 x x x
2684685397 x x x
212350812 x x x
2919686674 x x x
1574939860 x x x
2504162049 x x x
3580892742 x x x
2919209664 x x x
3697073565 x x x
1849111812 x x x Platinum, big sandy area
3204592618 x x x
2513448917 x x x
535740836 x x x
30823586 x x x
2140331908 x x x
1885758489 x x x
3789529849 x x x
1024196840 x x x
1590825111 x x x
1332265799 x x x
1369842375 x x x Single, Large
861196955 x x x Single
483287525 x x x
34 x x
11 x x x
3123678890 x x x
193142209 x x x
2961893720 x x x
2545841504 x x x
2394747029 x x x
1913281134 x x x
803686388 x x x
817839102 x x x
1538100252 x x x
2165651884 x x x
1151282325 x x x
4056044916 x x
4177029167 x x x
1080387844 x x x Phosphorous, small, not much grass
2350207724 x x x
835913419 x x x
4162879294 x x x
4205098821 x x x
3444800475 x x
2599966915 x x x
1502709162 x x
375548540 x x
2333756669 x x x
3892883708 x x Pond in center
1535333056 x x x
208994478 x x x
3532597074 x x x
442051209 x x x
2773192508 x x x
492667784 x x x
2581948767 x x x
2069914132 x x
3833530823 x x x
2006996648 x x x
3411715038 x x x
1875987930 x x x Large, tons o guano drops,big rock(32000)
1039837845 x x Small
589917169 x x x Large
4187015372 x x
1839223512 x x x
3315269784 x x x
1906634300 x x x
4288040059 x x x
2818481593 x x x
1249498553 x x x
1112687619 x x x
3796627356 x x x
1181234957 x x x
344479805 x x x
661750915 x x x
1112687619 x x x
3763131752 x x x
3175635647 x x x
1068454946 x x x
87 x x x
37 x x x
255502180 x x
3479847018 x x
67916928 x x x
338390815 x x
1513734128 x x x
1984337339 x x x
2652901561 x x x
3626579505 x x x
4001344513 x x x
1402770770 x x x
1972043560 x x
27 x x x
2012494550 x x x
993120435 x x x
2094099240 x x x
1161110131 x x x
4274596401 x x x
1327810059 x x x Phosphorous
356488598 x x Large, lots of sand
1 x x x
2 x x
1643780024 x x x
1135060342 x x x
3919979619 x x x
2136854097 x x x Mercury, large, lots of sand
2114390465 x x x Med. size, Mercury, even beach all around
2723898276 x x x
3632940115 x x x
505442438 x x x Lake in center of island
339406545 x x x
2958561058 x x x Extra sand
408246692 x x x
910733956 x x x
754788177 x x x
3674945694 x x x
651275288 x x x
1246660790 x x
3824366027 x x Double Island
3008119085 x x x Big and small island
330363524 x x x Cool shape
2181618859 x x x
2609893851 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
19 x x x
29 x x x
1868319577 x x x
4107021695 x x x
2125710033 x x x
3635715817 x x x
571512312 x x x
1786265685 x x x
372754358 x x x
49685480 x x x
2372025299 x x x


x x x
776873621 x x x Mercury
3 x x x Silver
3231011402 x x x Mercury
2502051300 x x x Phosphorous
2168720186 x x x Lead
3729460406 x x x Platinum
3054625113 x x x Copper
1089491975 x x x Phosphorous
3813245645 x x x


3998113926 x x x Silver, fairly small
2770041592 x x x Platinum,
2511533792 x x x Phosphorous, skinny vertical
3545665163 x x x Phosphorous, skinny vertical
1274609969 x x x