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My Tribe is still a beta software, so everything doesn't work as smoothly as it should. This is a list of warnings to avoid some trouble.

Mass craftingEdit

If you craft a lot of items (particularly cloths or decorations), make sure, you recycle them, *BEFORE* leaving your island. Otherwise your island data may get corrupted and you'll lose your island.

Source: BFG support

"As for the trouble you described for certain islands that even your Friends could not visit, this is likely happening for another reason that the game developers have found. The problem that the Flash Log shows in this case is that at least one of your islands has reached the maximum size in the database, and has become corrupt. We see that you are most likely crafting a ton of clothing, and then exiting out of the game before recycling it, or something similar to this. In order to avoid this error in the future, you should make sure that if you ever craft tons of clothing items at a time, please recycle them immediately after so that they don't take up space in the database.

That being said, if you do have islands that you or your Friends just cannot get to because of the trouble mentioned above, please reply here and let me know the names of these islands. We can then have the game developers revert these to islands like the Apology Islands we once had to erase all corrupted data."

Not Visiting Your Islands RegularlyEdit

If you don't visit an island of yours regularly (like once every week), you'll be unable to load it properly. After a long delay, you'll see an error message and you'll have to refresh the page. Then you'll be able to load your island properly. But, as a side effect, all gifts left by your visitors on this island will be lost.

Source: BFG support

"The first has to do with the loading trouble you described where some islands you had would only load up to 70%, and this issue caused you to lose some gifts. The game developers did see this happening on your profile, and here is why. The game developers have seen this kind of loading trouble for islands that may not have been visited as regularly as the others. In cases that are similar to this, the game will take a bit longer to simulate the game play that has been missed for whatever reason, and the error messages you mentioned can pop up. When this happens, the player can hit OK on the dialog, and this will refresh their browser, allowing game play once again. If you try to load the same island again after the browser has been refreshed, you should not come across that error again, because the game will not try to simulate like before. However, the loss of gifts is a side effect of this trouble, so unfortunately we have no way to reinstate this data.

Therefore to clear this up when you receive those error messages for the islands, please click any OK option that is given, and then after the browser has refreshed, please return to that island immediately and see what happens. I hope this helps!"

Instant huts or recycling depotEdit

When you click on "Finish now", you can use pearls to complete a building immediately. If there is little time left (like less than 1 minute), the cost will be 0 pearl!

This works for a hut: so instead of using a stardust, just click on "finish now" and enjoy: instant hut. It is the same for the level 1 of the recycling depot.

N.B. This tip works on tribees too: when there is less than 5 minutes for them to level up, clicking on "Finish now" is free

Mysteries to Solve FirstEdit

If you are interested in keeping your tribe alive from the beginning without any deaths, then it is recommended that you solve the Children's Moai first. This mystery requires the birth of children, an event which cannot occur once you reach maximum population.

Finding Hidden MushroomsEdit

Here is a tip on how to locate Mushrooms along the edges of a building, rock or tree:

  1. When you hit "Click Now!" for a resource you can see, notice where your cursor lands in relation to the edges of the main playing window.
  2. The next time you hit "Click Now!" for a mushroom and see only a building, tree or rock in that area of your screen, click in the location where you would normally find a visible resource - a Mushroom, Guano, Stardust , etc.
  3. If your cursor can hit just the outside edge of the building, tree or rock without selecting the building, tree or rock, you may hit your mushroom without even seeing it!

This will not always work. Sometimes your mushroom is not on the edge of the other item, so you won't be able to access it. But it does work on occasion - often enough to be worth a try. (See also the Events page for illustrations and descriptions of the "Click Now!" opportunity on the Events button.

Infact you can always click on mushrooms even when entirely hidden by buildings or trees, but it takes some skill to know exactly where to place the mouse. The best way to do this is to line up the cursor with two known points, one along the right edge of the viewport and one along the bottom edge. Move the cursor around this vicinity until the tree or building selection vanishes, now you can click and will collect the mushroom.

Note: If you are inclined, you can use a pixel ruler like the one at and measure from the left margin and the top margin 305 pixels that is the exact center of your viewing screen in a standard CSS Style sheet, this will always be where any object appears. the point of the moon and star and the shell in the storm and all mushrooms will alway be there in the exact center. If you cannot see them because the are behind a leaf or other object go ahead and click anyway about 50% of the time you will get a hit which is better than no hits at all. Of course if you don't want to go to the trouble, you can always eyeball it, but just know that it will only be within several pixels of the exact center. The box in the Sea will always be on the horizontal center as well at the left margin. (If you move the screen before you click all bets are off.)

  • I've always just clicked right in the centre of the screen when I "Click Now!". Even if you move the screen a little just keep clicking around where the middle was and you'll get it. I don't bother doing this with guano; just relics and mushrooms. I'd say I get the item 99.9% of the time.***
  • If it's on your own island that you're struggling to find something behind a building, you can just move the building out of the way using the button that comes up with arrows in it. Then of course you can move it back if you want!
  • Always double click!!! often two mushrooms sprout and you will get both simply by double clicking!

Collecting Guano and Getting It More QuicklyEdit

You can find Bird Guano - used in making Dyes - by looking for it anywhere on your Island in the wake of a seagull flying over. Here are a couple of tips on Guano collection:
NOTE: Only seagulls - the large white birds you see on the water or flying over your Island - provide the Guano you can collect. The pretty little colored song birds you see on your Island do not provide Guano.

When you see the shadow of a seagull flying overhead, follow the path of that gull in a straight line - as the gull flies - back toward the nearest coastline. Somewhere along that path, you are likely to find a patch of Guano to collect.

Need to gather more Guano quickly? You can spook a few gulls into flying over your Island by clicking gulls that are sitting on the water facing your Island. They should fly over and as they do, they're likely to let the Guano fly!

The birds that stay close to the ground will drop Guano...these are the ones to follow. The ones that fly way above the land might not drop as much as those who fly lower

Click on the gulls that fly over your island and they drop some guano for you!

Finding Golden RelicsEdit

Here is a tip on finding a Golden Relic when you have missed the "Click Now!" opportunity, but the rain storm is still in progress or has just ended:

Quickly scan your beaches without stopping for other resources such as sea shells. If you scan the beaches during or immediately after the rain storm, you are likely to locate your Golden Relic even though you missed the opportunity to jump right to it.

The easiest way to scan your beaches is to use your arrow keys to scroll around the edges.

Using the Map to Locate ResourcesEdit

Some resources are visible from the Map view, particularly Stardust , Stork Feathers and Crates - and sometimes Moondust - if you are quick enough!

If you missed the "Click Now!" opportunity for one of these resources, switch to the Map view to see if you can locate them. Crates tend to be found toward the bottom part of your map, moving in toward your shorelines.

Stardust or Moondust need time to land. So you may need to reopen the map view (usually after 20 seconds) to see them on the map.

Each time you come back to your island, you should quickly scan the map view to see if these resources are available.

Moondust fades very quickly and Stardust fades quickly, too - though not as fast as Moondust. However, each Crate may still be visible until close to the time the next Crate is scheduled to arrive, so you should always check for Crates when you come back to your island.

Getting more resources at the same timeEdit

The following does not always work. Attempt this exploit at your own risk: If you are unable to pay attention to the game continuously, here's a little trick you can use to make sure you will find something nice when you return to the game.

Click on a tribesman and click 'Details'. You can also click on 'Supplies' or 'Science'. Don't close the window that opens - keeping it open effectively pauses the game. When you do close it (give it a couple of minutes before you do), the game will simulate what should have happened while the window was opened. So for example if stardust was scheduled to land, then stardust will land. If a crate was scheduled to appear, it will appear. Except it will all happen at the same time. Give it a moment for the stardust and/or moondust to land then open up the map to locate them. You can find up to 2 stardusts and 2 moondust this way (Note: Unpause and pause again and they will spawn, begin to fall, but not continue. This will allow more to "queue up" and spawn the next time, You can potentially have hundreds falling at once.)- occasionally even on the same spot like here:

My Tribe

If a rain storm was scheduled during the time your game was paused, then it will start raining once you return to it - scan the beaches for the golden relic.

If a crate was scheduled to appear during the time your game was paused, check the map to find it floating in the ocean.

It's possible you will miss out on some of the resources (mushrooms can be hard to find and the stardust/moondust sometimes disappear before you get to them) and you'll likely not get more than 1 of each (meaning if 2 crates were scheduled to appear while the game was paused, only one will still be there when you unpause, This is also the case for treasure chests), but it's a great way to still get some resources without checking on the game every two minutes. Note: The crates will only be replaced if the new one is a higher quality container than the other, A Silver Barrel beats a Silver Crate, A Silver Crate beats a Barrel, and a Barrel beats a Crate.

Leveling up more QuicklyEdit

Here's a tip on how to level yourself up at a much quicker pace. If you fill your island with farm plantations, and plant a seed that expires quickly, you can plant another seed as soon as possible. This method requires no farmer, and you will still gain 1 XP per seed planted. The Fizzberry seed works well, because the seed will die out fast because of the high growing difficulty level and short grow period. The straw seed works well too because it is only a 4 min grow, thus it will die in 3 minutes. This strategy also helps with narrowing down of where the stardust and moondust will drop, because dust will not drop on a plantation.

Looking for the Perfect IslandEdit

There are 7 "beach" mysteries and 7 "grass" mysteries. All islands must have at least 1 from each group. Island Contains a collection of island numbers, along with the mysteries they hold.

Pranks to play to your NOT so favourite Tribee(s)Edit

  • while (s)he is sleeping, move the hut away.
  • seed a farm far from him/her and demolish it while (s)he is on his/her way to tend it.
  • move away the science station while they are researching.

Game not loading or items missingEdit

If you're experiencing any errors, the game gets stuck on the "Sailing..." screen, or your friends list is missing then check the following: Facebook discussion board: Loading Problems - Try These Solutions. If these instructions do not help solve things, Or you have other problems such as missing items, or other bugs, then please refer to the official site here: Trouble Loading, Saving, or Playing a Game on Facebook

Advanced tip: home vs away modeEdit

Note: Advanced means it is best to have played the game for a month or two to help you understand the concepts.

When you play the game, you can be connected to Facebook and playing on your home island. It is what I call the "home mode".

Or you can do other less useful such as working to pay the bills so you are not connected. Or you can be connected but play on your neighbor's islands to share the goodies. In both cases you are in the "away mode".

There is a third mode: the pause mode. You are connected, play on your own island but display a window which pauses the game (like a tribee stat window) but I didn't studied it enough (it seems to be an away mode which takes into account the recent events).

The home mode is fun watching as you can see your tribees doing all sort of interesting activities like researching, farming, eating, sleeping, building, chopping wood or harvesting rocks. But it is not as efficient as the away mode. And here is why.

While in away mode, your island is saved to some server(s) and your game is frozen. Nothing appends until you come back to your home island or connect back to the game.

As this time, the game reloads your island from the server and recalculates (or simulates) all the activities your tribees did while you were away. However it omits all events (crates, chests, star/moon dusts, mushrooms or rainstorms), therefore they are all lost.

Because loading your island is already a bit long, the simulation was simplified and is not as thorough as it should. For example, the simulation doesn't take into account the time lost when a tribee walks from the kitchen to his/her working place. So in the away mode, all buildings are in the same place ;)

Note: As I don't have any fisher(wo)man, the following may or may hold true for fishing.

Each activity (farming, researching, harvesting wood or rock, building) is done by "work unit". For example a wood harvester chops one wood at a time so for wood harvesting, the "work unit" is one wood. A tree with 500 woods will need 500 work units to be completely chopped down.

For farming or building, the work units are somewhat hidden as the game only displays the time for the work to be achieved. But they exist ;)

For example, building a hut will require 5 work units (I don't know the real values but it is a good estimate). If you use a tribee with level 20 in construction and 100 physical strength (it is what I call a perfect tribee), and you solved the iron monoxide mystery, (s)he will only need 2.87 seconds to produce one work unit. So (s)he will build a hut in 5 x 2.87 seconds or roughly 15 seconds.

Note: The stats window of each tribee gives you the time (s)he need to produce one work unit for each activity.

If you use two perfect tribees, they will only need half this time (8 seconds). If you use one perfect tribee and one not so perfect tribee (say (s)he is half as fast so needs 5.72 seconds to produce one work unit) they will need two third of the time needed by a perfect tribee alone (10 seconds here).

That is why the remaining time displayed on a building under construction may fluctuate as workers may leave to eat or may be replaced by less efficient tribees. Surprisingly, for building, a tribee walking towards his/her job is counted as working so the time is adjusted accordingly, although you can see him/her walking ;)

Now that you are a work unit master, let me explain what the simulation does.

- for each activity , check which tribee is allowed to work on it and adds up all their work units (to calculate how many work units a tribee produced, divide the time you spent away by his/her time (s)he needs to produce one unit).

For example, you were away for one hour or 3,600 seconds and you have one perfect wood worker (thus needing 2.87 seconds per wood) named "Bill" and a semi-perfect wood worker (thus needing twice this time or 5.72 seconds) named "Bob".

Bill will chop 3,600 / 2.87 = 1,254 wood whereas Bob will chop half this amount or 627 wood. They both have chopped 1,881 wood.

Note: If a tribee is allowed to work on several activities, it seems that his/her workforce is spread equally among all activities. But I don't know whether it is the time or the work units that are shared.

- for each resource (wood, rock , research, building, farm), from the nearest from the kitchen (or the place where the kitchen was if you moved it) to the farthest, subtract all the matching work units until either the resource is exhausted, or the storehouse/science station is full, or the farm in perfect condition or there are no work unit left.

For Bob and Bill, it means that they *both* will chop down the tree the nearest from the kitchen. Say it was a 500 wood tree. There are 1,381 work units left. So Bob and Bill will chop down another tree, and so on...

In contrast to the home mode, where only a few workers are allowed to work on one resource (e.g. 1 wood harvester per tree or 4 builders max per building), the away mode always put all your workers on one resource, until this resource is exhausted.

This is why, when you have several buildings built or upgraded at the same time, only one building seems to advance while you are away.

If you want to clear an area from trees, the away mode is the most efficient but you need to preserve all the trees closer to the kitchen.

If you wanted to use stardusts on trees to make them full again, the away mode is not for you,as it leaves no stumps for all but the last trees.

For the farms, the simulation doesn't take into account the wilting time. So as long as you are away long enough for your farmer(s) to produce enough work units to tend all farms, your farms won't wilt. This is why, when I seed a lot of farms, I quit the game or visit neighbors, as soon as I have seeded the last farm (I don't wait too long or the farms, I first seeded, may wilt). Usually 15 minutes are enough for one perfect farmer to care for 150 carrots farms.

However the away mode has a small catch: the simulation always assumes that buildings are completed at the very moment you come back. It means, for example, if you upgraded a wood storehouse from 5,000 wood to 10,000 wood, your wood harvesters will start to chop wood only when you come back to your island or load back the game, even if the storehouse was completed hours ago :( So when you upgrade a building and are away, don't wait too long to come back after the building is upgraded.

To sum up, if you want your tribees to work evenly on all the resources, choose the "home mode". If you want to concentrate all your work power on one resource, choose the "away mode".

Clearing a New Island EfficientlyEdit

(Originally posted to the My Tribe Discussion page by Breen Sweeny; copied here by permission)

  1. This assumes you are on an island, and you have your ark built. Let assume you have 25 to 30 in your tribe.
  2. Make sure your rock and food and wood is maxed out at 10,000.
  3. Try to level up, if you can. You want to make sure you don’t level up for awhile on your new island.
  4. Take everyone off all tasks, including fishing and science. (Your tribe should now be wandering about, resting, doing nothing.)
  5. Sail to a new island. (How to choose another island is a different topic.)
  6. SLEEPING HUTS: Make sleeping huts (maybe an extra one or two initially as they're tired when they first arrive. I think there's some debate as to how many you need, but minimum 1 per 10 tribies, maximum 1 per 5 tribies.) You’ll need to either put a few people on construction, or stardust the buildings. Each hut take a very short time to complete. Each hut takes 10 wood and 10 rock (and perhaps other resources like straw or shells, depending on the type of hut), so if you make four, and assuming your tribe is eating, your status might be: Rock 9960/0, Wood 9960/0, Food 9960/0, Science 3mil/0. The number on the left is what you have, the number on the right is your capacity, which is zero as you haven’t built a science, rock, wood or food storage yet. (The tribe stores everything in the kitchen for awhile.) (Obviously I’m using 3mil as an example, your science will be whatever you’ve collected to date). (Interestingly, I find that most of my tribe tend to end up swimming in the ocean when I arrive the the new island, with of course my ark all destroyed. They do all seem to be tired and queue up for the sleeping huts as soon as they are ready.
  7. STORAGE/SCIENCE: Start building the rock, wood, food and science buildings. Put 16 on construction (4 per hut). It takes a few minutes to complete each hut, perhaps about 8-15 minutes each. (Time taken to complete construction varies a lot, and is a big subject in itself. For example there’s a theory that if you leave enough space around each hut, and don’t have them up against things like rocks or trees, then there can be 4 tribies working on each hut at a time, at least in this early construction stage. After they’re completed you can move them to get more space around then if you feel you’re not getting enough tribies working on each. Also the estimates to complete can be very wrong. It may say it will take an hour to complete a building, yet an hour later, it may still be saying 30 minutes estimate, even though all the time you’ve had 3 or 4 construction workers at the building.) Each of the 3 storage huts takes 20 rock and 20 wood (and some resources), and the science center takes 15 rock and 15 wood (and some resources), (and I’ll assume your food is going down as the tribies eat), so your status when the buildings are completed is now; Rock 9885/500, Wood 9885/500, Food 9930/500, Science 3mil/10k.
  8. SCIENCE: Now concentrate on the science to it's upgraded enough to hold your science in case you level up and get science bonus points. This costs 100 rock and 100 wood. It might take 20 minutes to finish. You’re status after completion is now; Rock 9785/500, Wood 9785/500, Food 98??/500, Science 3mil/200k
  9. STORAGE: In the meantime while they are working on the science center, you can upgrade Rock, Wood and Food storage huts, which each take 300 wood and 300 rock to build. They can take about an hour or two to build. (Remember you still have the 16 on construction). When they are completed your status is now; Rock 8885/1000, Wood 8885/1000, Food 9842/1000, Science 3mil/200k
  10. SCIENCE: Upgrade the science center. This costs 300 wood, 300 rock. It takes perhaps an hour or two to complete. I’ll just write ‘nnnn’ for the food, as you can see from the above that your food supplies lasts awhile, certainly long enough for you to build the food storage hut and upgrade it enough to collect more food.) So your status at the end is; Rock 8585/1000, Wood 8585/1000, Food nnnn/1000 Science 3mil/1mil
  11. STORAGE: Upgrade Rock, Wood and Food storage huts, which each take 750 wood and 750 rock to build. They can take about 2 to 4 hours to build. So your status at the end is; Rock 6335/2000, Wood 6335/2000, Food nnnn/2000 Science 3mil/1mil
  12. SCIENCE: Upgrade the science center. This costs 2500 wood, 2500 rock. It takes perhaps 7 to 21 hours to complete. So your status at the end is; Rock 3835/2000, Wood 3835/2000, Food nnnn/2000 Science 3mil/20mil
  13. SCIENCE OPTIONAL: Now at some stage, you could upgrade the science center again, which would cost 10,000 rock and 10,000 wood. You do need to do this to get the trophy for having all buildings fully upgraded. However 20 million is enough for all of the lesser science trophies, so there’s no need to upgrade the science building unless you need to.
  14. STORAGE: Upgrade Rock, Wood and Food storage huts, which each take 1500 wood and 1500 rock to build. They can take about 4 to 6 hours to build. As you can see, that takes 4500 wood and 4500 rock, so you’ll NEED to put some people collecting wood and rock at this stage. Here is where the fun begins. Divide all of your remaining tribies into two groups, the wood collectors and the rock collectors. You can upgrade two of the buildings and wait while they collect enough rock to upgraded the third. However you leave them on wood and rock collecting. (I had a tribe of 25, and had planted a lot of crops so put 7 on agriculture. With 16 on construction, I only had 2 tribies left over to put to wood and rock collecting at this stage.) Depending on how many you put on rock and wood collecting, you may end up with a status of Rock nnnn/5000, Wood nnnn/5000, Food xxxx/5000., where nnnn is some number (e.g. 2000/5000).
  15. STORAGE: From your 16 construction people move 4 to rock and wood collecting, as each building is completed, so you still have 4 per building.
  16. FOOD: Now you might want to put someone on fishing to start building up your food supply, once it drops down below 5000, or plant crops … or this can be postponed a little longer.
  17. Finally, here’s where it gets really fun. You’ll end up with all of your tribe divided between rock and wood collecting, and none on construction, (apart from any you want to devote to agriculture, ,science or fishing), so your status at the end is; Rock 5000/5000, Wood 5000/5000, Food xxxx/5000.
  18. WHAM Upgrade the rock storage building, which uses up all of your 5000 wood and 5000 rock. But don’t put anyone on construction, leave the tribe mainly on rock and wood collecting. This leaves you with the Rock building at 0/5000 with no workers, and the wood at 0/5000. You tribe goes off cutting down wood and mining rock, until they collect 5000 of each.
  19. WHAM Upgrade the wood storage building. This uses up the 5000 wood and 5000 rock. The tribe go off chopping at the trees and mining rock until you have your 5000 of each back again.
  20. WHAM Upgrade the food storage hut. This also uses up 5000 wood and 5000 rock. The tribe collect it all again.
  21. WHAM Build a shipyard. This uses up all the 5000 wood and 5000 rock, and the tribe collect it all again.
  22. CONSTRUCTION Now the last thing to build is the ark, but that takes 10,000 wood and 10,000 rock, and you can’t collect that until the storage buildings are upgraded. So put 16 tribies back on construction, and let them work on the 3 buildings and the shipyard.
  23. As each are finished, take 4 off construction and on to other tasks, either collecting the rock and wood IF the relevant storage buildings are upgraded, or perhaps putting them on science.
  24. When all 3 storage huts are upgraded and the shipyard is built, you need to make sure you have some people collecting rocks. (If it works out okay you may be able to move them all from constructing directly to rock or wood collecting to get to your 10,000 limits quickly.) So your status at the end is Rock 10,000/10,000 Wood 10,000/10,000 Food xxxx/10,000.
  25. ARK: Start building the ark, which takes up 10,000 wood and 10,000 rock.
  26. Make sure you have people still collecting rock and wood, to get back up to 10,000 of each, and you’ll want to get your food up to 10,000 before you sail to another island. But you’ll probably be in no hurry to do this, so a few people on rock and wood collecting will probably be okay. But it might still be nice to devote your whole tribe to get your supplies before moving then to science or other duties, and just leave 4 people constructing the ark (which takes a long time to build).

(A) I've found I need to plant about 10 trees more than what is on the island, I never have quite enough to build and upgrade all the buildings, and build the shipyard and the ark, and then get the wood back up to 10,000 before sailing to another island. (There seems to be more than enough rock on each island I’ve visited.)

(B) At some point you may want to put people back on collecting science points, as soon as the science center is upgraded enough. However the more people you put on science (and agriculture), the less fun it is when you put all the remaining tribe on rock and wood collecting.

(C) At some point you'll need to think about putting someone back on fishing, and/or growing food. The food does last awhile however. As an example of how fast the food supply goes down, with a population of 25 it sent from just under 10,000 to 8140 over about 12 hours. So it would take 2 to 3 days for the food supply to run out, plenty of time to get to the stage where an upgraded food hut is ready. However like construction times, the times taken for food to run out seems to vary a lot, and as the game is being updated all the time, what happened in the past may not be what happens in the future.

(D) You may wish to get the tribies to clear particular trees first. So preserve all the others until they've cleared an area, then un-preserve the next ones you want cut down. (Disadvantage is that this takes a lot of effort, and if they finish and there's no un-preserved trees and you've offline, you're wasting time.)

(E) You will probably wish to plant crops AS the trees are cleared. This means some people must be on agriculture. Some people plant the 6-day crops the instant they arrive on the island, in whatever spare grass there is, and as trees are cleared, they plant more farm plots, with shorter growing plants. (It is possible to arrive at an island and be sailing in about 4 days later however, so you might want to bear this in mind.) A good strategy might be to dedicate a few tribies to agriculture only, so they’ll tend to the crops, and forget about them while you carry out the construction and rock/wood collecting.

(F) Instead of a status of, say, Wood 8885/1000, you might find it’s 8884/1000, and I think this is because they sometimes use a wood log in the first. (Although I can’t prove this, I’ve also seen the log fires burn without any wood being used up. But they do constantly upgrade the game itself, so what happened in the past may not be what happens in the future.)

(G) You don’t have to but it is fun to color code your tribies. You could have a set of green clothes, for example, and dress all the main wood collecting tribies in those. They’ll certainly be changing from wood collecting to construction as time goes by, but it’ll make it easier when you switch, as you’ll know which is their main task. You can make sure the gems are suitable for wood collecting. I like to hae my four mai construction people in black, as this dye is rare, and make sure they have the best gems I can get for construction. They’ll be the ones building the ark at the end. An even better way to play is to change clothes when you switch tasks, e.g. have a set of green clothes for wood collecting with suitable gems, and yellow clothes for rock mining with suitable gems, and orange clothes for construction, then as people switch between tasks, dress them in the appropriate clothes. This will be more efficient in terms of finishing tasks, but will take more time to do, so it’s mainly done just for fun.

(H) I cannot be sure as how quickly they collect rock and wood depends on their skill levels, but I’ve found that my tribies tend to collect rock quicker than wood. So it may help to have an extra person or two on wood collecting, if you wish.

(I) Just wanted to add a note about tree growing - I have found that if you clear all your farms just before you leave an island and plant as many trees as possible, this helps get the "Tree Grower" trophy much quicker. No need to do this once you have the trophy though. Happy My Tribing. Sue.x P.S. Not a good idea to plant trees all over the beach as this stops visitors and you finding feathers and shells easily.


I have personally found that there is no need to build a food storage house. If you leave a tribee in charge of fishing at all times then you will always have more than enough food regardless of having a hut. If you have an excess of science points, then your tribees will stand around doing nothing untill you have a station that can cope, so say you have gotten 21 million, your going to need a fully upgraded station which will require fully built wood and stone huts, plus the few days of time it will take you to get them completed, all whilst your loosing out on earning science points for that island.

Now 21mil is a lot so most of you including myself wont be that far up the chain, but point is that a food hut takes up too much time that you could be using to earn science points, you can then build a hut after your science is able to be worked on if you fancy.

For a well developed tribe of around 20-25 tribees each with say roughly 15 in science and 50 mental as an average, you will be looking at about 1/4 of a mil a day. I usually find my most developed island brings in 0.35mil and my least 0.15mil a day (well 8-12 hours on average), and if I move island that is a lot of point for the sake of a few days extra messing around with a food hut. . . especially if your after that massive 50 mill luck purchase.

This may not be the best method, however, this is my method and it works for me, hopefully you will all find this of use too :)