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Raw Resource


  • Gives good amount science points when dropped to the science station (amount depends on the level of your technology)
  • Gives 100 food when dropped on the kitchen
  • Gives 100 food when dropped on the food storehouse
  • Gives 100 wood when dropped on the wood storehouse
  • Gives 100 rock when dropped on the rock storehouse
  • Reduces total harvesting time on crops by 20% of total harvesting time
  • Restores maximum stats of a tree when dropped on to it
  • Restores maximum stats of a rock when dropped on to it
  • Reduces fair amount of time on total construction time when dropped on building being constructed
  • Reduces an adult's age by several years, down to a minimum of 18 years. The typical amount reduced is 4-5 years per moondust, but when a tribes(wo)man is older (61+), it may reduce the age by 20 years!
  • Adds 2 years to the age of infants, toddlers, and youngsters. A tribesman is able to begin working once he/she feels 14 years of age.

Picking up fallen Moondust allows you to gain XP. Use Moondust on a tribesperson to keep them feeling young, or to help a child grow up more quickly! Try out using your Moondust on construction projects and mysterious objects. Moondust is also an ingredient used in crafting.

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