How to level up TribesmenEdit

A tribesperson can gain skill over time.

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Clicking the Details button in the side-bar on the right of the game screen to view the skill meter for the selected tribesperson.

Collect Stardust and use them on tribespeople to fill the meter more quickly. Each stardust will reduce the time remaining by one hour.

Once a tribesperson's skill meter is full, a plus sign (+) will appear over their head to indicate that they can level up their skills.

Select a tribesperson who is ready to advance, and then either click the Level Up! button that will appear on the right or click the plus sign (+).

Next, choose one of the six skills for them to improve:

  • Fishing
  • Construction
  • Science
  • Wood Harvesting
  • Rock Harvesting
  • Agriculture

Note: now, when there is less than 5 minutes left, you can click on the "level up now" button, and level up your tribesperson for free.

Levelling Up Tribesmen FasterEdit

There are four key factors that determine how long it will take before a tribesperson is ready to level up.

  • The total number of levels the tribesman has gained (or, equivalently, the tribesman's skill points with no gems). The higher this value, the longer it takes them to level up. Wearing clothing with high skill points does NOT increase the time to level!
  • The tribesperson's elder level. This is defined by the lowest level of their 6 skills. Each time the tribesperson reaches a higher elder level, the time taken to level up decreases.
  • The tribesperson's mental strength. The higher the mental strength, the less time it takes them to level up.
  • Skill Development. This can be researched using Science points and will reduce the time it takes for tribespeople to level up.

Note that each of these factors only affect the starting time for each level up. Changing them (for example by changing clothes/gems) while a tribesperson is mid-way between levels will not affect the time remaining for the current level, only the starting time for the next.

By changing the tribesperson's clothes (to increase their elder level or mental strength) just before assigning the level-up skill point, you can reduce the time needed for the next level up. Immediately after assigning the new skill point, you can change their clothes back again if you want to, without affecting the time remaining.

Elder LevelsEdit

  • All Skills are level 1
  • Tribal Elder = All Skills are level 2
  • Wise Elder = All Skills are level 3
  • Great Elder = All Skills are level 4
  • Distinguished Elder = All Skills are level 5
  • Venerable Elder = All Skills are level 6
  • Exalted Elder = All Skills are level 7 and above