Farming will provide your tribe with food to eat and supplies to use for crafting. Once your tribe has started having children, they're ready to start farming. Click on Supplies and then Raw Resources to take a look at the seeds you have available to plant. When you're ready to start a farm, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Supplies, and then on Agriculture.
  2. In the Agriculture list, click on Farm.
  3. Click on Craft, and you'll be returned to your island with the dimensions of a farm under your cursor.
  4. If the farm appears clear, you can click to place the farm in that spot. Click once to place your farm. (If the farm appears red, it is not a suitable spot for farming.)
  5. Once you've placed your farm, click on it so that a white circle appears around the farm, and then click Seed.
  6. In the Select a Seed window, choose a seed, and click Plant It!

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