Collection items are found in Treasure Chests and vary in rarity. You need all 12 items of a collection to complete it.

Note: Your XP multiplier applies to the XP rewards.

Collection Level Reward Items


Fruits collection
1 50 XP Common Peach
Common Pear
Common Orange
Common Grapes
Common Watermelon
Common Lemon
Common Apple
Common Strawberry
Common Banana
Common Lime
Uncommon Kiwi
Uncommon Pineapple


Mammal collection
2 75 XP Common Bunny
Common Horse
Common Goat
Common Dog
Common Buffalo
Common Mouse
Common Cow
Common Hippopotamus
Common Giraffe
Uncommon Elephant
Uncommon Zebra
Uncommon Cheetah

Fabled animals

Fabled collection
3 1000 XP
1 Sunstone
1 Uvarovite
Rare Centaur
Rare Fairy
Scarce Cyclops
Scarce Unicorn
Scarce Basilisk
Scarce Harpy
Scarce Minotaur
Scarce Gorgon
Scarce Kraken
Scarce Dragon
Legendary Hydra
Legendary Chimera


Birds collection
5 100 XP Common Penguin
Common Robin
Common Seagull
Common Hummingbird
Common Vulture
Common Snowy Owl
Common Crow
Uncommon Peacock
Uncommon Bald Eagle
Uncommon Ostrich
Uncommon Stork
Rare Kiwi


Fish collection
7 125 XP Common Koi
Common Clownfish
Common Morray Eel
Common Catfish
Common Barracuda
Common Tuna
Common Salmon
Uncommon Pufferfish
Uncommon Marlin
Uncommon Manta Ray
Uncommon Flying Fish
Rare Lionfish

Pirate Gear

Pirate collection
10 150 XP Common Cannonball
Common Peg Leg
Common Grog
Common Eye Patch
Common Cutlass
Uncommon Spyglass
Uncommon Treasure map
Uncommon Parrot
Uncommon Cannon
Uncommon Jolly Roger
Rare Hook
Rare Treasure Chest


Flowers collection
13 175 XP Common Daffodil
Common Tulip
Common Pansy
Common Carnation
Common Crocus
Uncommon Sunflower
Uncommon Peace Lily
Uncommon Rose
Uncommon Orchid
Uncommon Poppy
Rare Snapdragon
Rare Heliconia


Cats collection
16 200 XP Common Lion
Common Tiger
Common House Cat
Uncommon Lynx
Uncommon Cougar
Uncommon Black Panther
Uncommon Caracal
Uncommon Leopard
Uncommon Snow Leopard
Rare Ocelot
Rare Sabretooth Tiger
Rare Liger


Shells collection
19 250 XP Common Cock
Common Sand Dollar
Common Barnacle
Uncommon Scallop
Uncommon Oyster
Uncommon Clam
Uncommon Snail
Uncommon Mussel
Uncommon Cerith
Rare Olive Shell
Rare Tun Shell
Rare Conch


Reptile collection
23 325 XP

Common Gecko
Common Boa Constrictor
Common Crocodile
Uncommon Frilled Lizard
Uncommon Loggerhead Turtle
Uncommon Chameleon
Uncommon Cobra
Uncommon Striped Basilisk
Uncommon Blue-tongued Lizard
Rare Green Iguana
Rare Komodo Dragon
Scarce Thorny Devil

Cooking Tools

Cooking tools collection
27 400 XP Common Knife
Common Fork
Uncommon Spoon
Uncommon Pan
Uncommon Cauldron
Uncommon Rolling Pin
Uncommon Tongs
Uncommon Cleaver
Rare Ladle
Rare Whisk
Rare Spatula
Scarce Mortar and Pestle

3D Shapes

3Dshapes collection
31 500 XP Common Tetrahedron
Common Cube
Uncommon Octahedron
Uncommon Dodecahedron
Uncommon Icosahedron
Uncommon Sphere
Uncommon Tube
Uncommon Cone
Rare Torus
Rare Pyramid
Rare Cylinder
Scarce Buckyball


Insects collection
35 600 XP

Common Ant
Uncommon Wasp
Uncommon Termite
Uncommon Ladybug
Uncommon Mosquito
Uncommon Bluebottle Fly
Uncommon Grasshopper
Rare Stick Bug
Rare Praying Mantis
Rare Cockroach
Scarce Rhino Beetle
Scarce Luna Moth


Occupations Collection
40 800 XP Uncommon Construction (F)
Uncommon Scientist (F)
Uncommon Construction (M)
Uncommon Scientist (M)
Uncommon Farming (M)
Uncommon Farming (F)
Rare Rock Harvesting (M)
Rare Rock Harvesting (F)
Rare Wood Harvesting (M)
Rare Wood Harvesting (F)
Scarce Fishing (M)
Scarce Fishing (F)

Marine Mammals

Marine collection
45 1000 XP Uncommon Walrus
Uncommon Gray Whale
Uncommon Sperm Whale
Uncommon Bottlenose Dolphin
Uncommon Blue Whale
Uncommon Killer Whale
Rare Minke Whale
Rare Humpback
Rare Beluga
Scarce Right Whale
Scarce Pilot Whale
Scarce Narwhal


Vegetables Collection
50 1200 XP Uncommon Turnip
Uncommon Brocolli
Uncommon Cauliflower
Uncommon Carrot
Uncommon Potatoe
Uncommon Cabbage
Rare Corn
Rare Red Pepper
Rare Yellow Pepper
Scarce Onion
Scarce Ocra
Scarce Taro


Mollusks collection
55 1500 XP Uncommon Cuttlefish
Uncommon Snail
Uncommon Slug
Uncommon Mussels
Uncommon Limpet
Uncommon Oyster
Rare Sea Urchin
Rare Sea Cucumber
Scarce Blue Ringed Octopus
Scarce Giant Squid
Scarce Red Octopus
Legendary Nautilus

Nautical Items

Nautical collection
60 2000 XP Uncommon Anchor
Uncommon Crow's Nest
Uncommon Sails
Uncommon Coil of Rope
Uncommon Compass
Uncommon Sextant
Rare Porthole
Rare Oar
Scarce Ship's Wheel
Scarce Figurehead
Scarce Block and Tackle
Legendary Lighthouse


Dogs collection
65 2500 XP Uncommon Irish Setter
Uncommon St Bernard
Uncommon Lab
Uncommon Chihuaha
Uncommon Poodle
Uncommon Sheltie
Rare German Shepherd
Rare Greyhound
Scarce Colie
Scarce Boxer
Legendary Bulldog
Legendary Wolf

2D Shapes

2D collection
70 3000 XP Uncommon Rectangle
Uncommon Triangle
Uncommon Square
Uncommon Circle
Uncommon Rhombus
Uncommon Trapezoid
Rare Parallelogram
Rare Pentagon
Scarce Heptagon
Scarce Octagon
Legendary Nonagon
Legendary Decagon


Hats collection
80 4000 XP Uncommon Bucket Hat
Uncommon Balaclava
Uncommon Fez
Uncommon Dunce Cap
Uncommon Deerstalker
Uncommon Bicorne
Rare Beret
Scarce Fedora
Scarce Top Hat
Legendary Galea
Legendary Golden Wreath
Legendary Bejeweled Diadem

Marsupials and Monotremes

Marsupials collection
90 5000 XP Rare Opossum
Rare Numbat
Rare Kangaroo
Rare Wombat
Rare Kowari
Rare Bandicoot
Scarce Quoll
Scarce Tasmanian Devil
Legendary Echidna
Legendary Sugar Glider
Legendary Koala
Legendary Platypus


Dinosaurs collection
100 20000 XP Legendary Triceratops
Legendary Hadrosaurid
Legendary Citipati
Legendary Velociraptor
Legendary Pachycephalosaurus
Legendary Apatosaurus
Legendary Spinosaurus
Legendary Ankylosaurus
Legendary Stegosaurus
Legendary Pterandon
Legendary T. Rex
Legendary Archaeopteryx